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When I started in this business, I truly had not clue about half the stuff I am sharing with you. Please remember that you can contact me with any questions you have, I am here to help you the provider succeed. 

Articles & printable's

Some Marking tips

1. Gather some of your marketing materials together and put them in a folder or envelope. Keep them in your car so that when you run into a great spot to post them, they'll be at the ready.

2. What better way to promote your daycare than to have your website address or business name and phone number displayed on your vehicle?( I use vistaprint)

3. Create your very own personal "Wall of Fame" by framing and hanging your licenses, certificates, press releases, thank-you cards & notes, testimonials, letters of reference, or any other goodies you can think of. I applied this concept into a binder and I  show it off during interviews.

4. Really capture the attention of your website visitors by giving your website a voice. Using audio on your website is a great way to add interest and let your personality show through.
Some of the things you can do with audio to enhance your site are:
1.) create an audio greeting to welcome visitors as they enter your site (it
could be your voice or maybe even a warm welcome from the kids)
2.) create audio testimonials from current and past clients
3.) answer FAQ’s
4.) mock interview
5.) narrate your “about us” page for that personal touch
6.) add background music to your  web site
The "key" with using audio is to provide your visitors with the option to start and stop the player or at the very least adjust the volume. (one i still have not tried but can't wait to do it)

5. Purchase a few books from your local dollar store and donate them to doctor‘s office‘s, pediatricians, libraries, etc. Be sure to affix some sort of business card, label, or stamp that indicates that the book has been “donated by” or whatever contact information that you choose to list. (I have done, made stickers from vistaprint)

6. Bulletin Boards are great places to post your business cards, flyers, or brochures.  Check out your local libraries, grocery stores, community centers, etc. Be sure to check back often to replenish your marketing materials.

7. Are you using Craigslist? If not, you should be. Almost any business can benefit from using Craigslist, especially daycare providers, we even have our own section. Why not tap into their traffic by placing a free ad right now? (I do use craigslist, but list my webpage as contact reduces spam)

8. Curb Appeal - You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression
Keep the outside of your home tidy. Potential clients WILL judge your business at first sight. If a prospective client get's the sense that you keep an orderly home, they'll assume that's the way you do business. On the other hand, the same goes for a sloppy or untidy home. You don‘t want to send them running for the hills before they even get their foot in the door.

9. Direct mail can be a powerful way to reach prospective clients. Don't be afraid to mail information about your business to potential clients. Say for example you’ve noticed a new family move into the neighborhood over the weekend. It’s very likely that they’ll be in the market for some sort of child care, so why not drop a post card, brochure, flyer or “Welcome to the neighborhood” greeting card in the mail to let them know about your services? Whatever you decide, just be sure to include a couple of your business cards.

10. Flyers are another inexpensive way to get the word out about your program. Distribute them in "targeted areas" where parents with young children will see them (Toys-R-Us, Baby Depot, Chuck-E-Cheeses, Local Elementary Schools, Libraries, etc.)

11. Parents like to stay informed. Why not establish an email newsletter that will keep them up to date on activities, menus, closings, etc.

12. Have an open house where you provide a few snacks and games for the kiddies (or better yet, request that parents leave the little darlings at home) while you mingle with prospective parents. Don’t forget to have your business cards, flyers, or brochures handy. Invite a few of your current clients there for reference.

13. Take the hassle out of what to wear everyday while at the same time becoming a walking advertisement for your daycare. Get some t-shirts printed with your daycare name and phone number or website. Whenever you're out and about on field trips, daily walks with the children, school functions, sports activities, transporting children to and from school, or even PTA meetings, you'll be advertising your business in a way that's professional and effortless. ( again vistaprint is where I get mine)

14. Ask your local realtors if they would be willing to place your business cards, flyers, or brochures inside the packets that they pass out to new clients moving into the community.

15. Do your local elementary schools keep lists of area providers? If so, get on them. Take some time to drop off a couple of your business cards, flyers, or brochures. You can even inquire about sending your flyers and brochures home with students.

16. Make sure that any piece of paper that leaves your office has your website address on it. Include all marketing materials, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, postcards, business checks, mailing labels, invoices, brochures, fax cover sheets, print newsletters, press releases, etc.

17. Testimonials - Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It
Requesting testimonials from satisfied clients is one of the quickest ways you can start to establish trust with prospective clients.
No matter how great your credentials are or how much experience you have, people pay more attention to what others have to say about you. Two great places to display testimonials are on your website and the backs of your business cards.

18. Don’t lose a prospective client because you could not get to the phone. Take this opportunity to direct them to your website. “You’'ve reached Jane Doe’s Daycare at the Doe residence. For more details about our services, visit us online at”

19. Do you have a Web Site? You should.
With so many parents searching for child care via the internet, having a website is a great way to market yourself and your program. This is definitely a powerful lead generation tool that no daycare provider
should be without.

20. Yard Sign - We're Open For Business!
Catch the eyes of passersby with your own little mini billboard. If you don’t want to leave it out permanently, only put it up when you have vacancies and take it down when you’re full. Be sure to check with local government officials to determine if a yard sign is allowed in your community (again I used vistaprint)


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