Cati's House Childcare


Tuition/Fees and Payment Policies: updated March 12, 2013

Full-time Rate: (40-50hrs per week)
Infants $140.00
Toddlers $140.00
Pre-school $140.00
School-age $140.00 (Summer Rate)

Daily Rate: (8-10hrs)
Infants $40.00
Toddlers $35.00
Pre-school $35.00
School-age $30.00

Daily Rate: (4-5hrs)
Infants $30.00
Toddlers $25.00
Pre-school $25.00
School-age $25.00

Before/After School:(Full day students only/Mon-Fri)
Before & After $80.00 per week (20 hours week. 1 meal and 1 snack )
Before OR After $60.00 per week (Max 2 hrs per day . Only 1 breakfast or 1 snack served )
Snow Days/School closing: daily rate of $15.00 per day
Full time children take priority during snow days

Parent Night Out: (1st and 3rd Friday of every month)
1st come 1st served must fill out paperwork and pay in advance
Mini evening 6:00pm-8:00pm/ one child $20.00, each additional child $10.00
Full evening 6:00pm-12:00am/ one child $40.00, each additional child $15.00
Overnight 6:00pm-10:00am/ one child $60.00,each additional child $20.00
(No Refunds)

Weekend Getaway:
(4TH  Weekend of each month) 8pm Friday to 8pm Sunday
1st come 1st served must fill out paperwork and pay in advance, by the 15 TH  of the month
Space is limited to 3 children (No Refunds)
Cost of weekend getaway is $150.00 per child
each additional sibling is $70.00


Anything over 10 hours per day has to pay $5.50 per hour

Infants/Toddlers (6 weeks-2years)

Pre-School (3-4 years)

School Age (5 and UP)

Transportation costs To and From school are $30.00 per week plus above tuition to transport one way. The $30.00 transportation fee is ONLY to transport your child one time a day FOR A WEEK (5 DAYS). If you need your child transported 2 times day is $40.00 per week. No additional cost for siblings who attend same school.
 I will evaluate gas cost each August and notify you in writing if I am forced to raise transportation fees due to gas prices.

***School Delays/Cancellations***
In case of school delays/cancellations I will remain open but I can only accommodate 6 children at one time, call me immediately so I can count your child in my maximum number for the day, you may have to have back-up for those times. Full time care will always be counted first, then part time care, and so on.

No spots will be held unless weekly fees are being paid
Due to the limited spaces available, weekly payments are based on using or holding your slot, not on the child's attendance. No refunds are given for late arrivals/early departures, parental vacations or exclusion due to illness.

Payment options:
In your contract you will choose which payment option is best for you. Payments accepted by Cash, Credit Card or Check made payable to:

 Catherine Turner-Pivnicka 
For your convenience, I offer the following payment options:

All payments for care are due in advance for the week
1. Weekly= every week
2. Bi-weekly=every other week
3. Monthly=1st Day of every month

Monday is Payday     

 All fees shall be paid on Monday morning when your child is dropped off.  Do not put me in a position to ask for the check~ please remember to bring it.

Emergency Care Available:
We are now offering emergency care for any child.  This type of care would be available during snow days, no school, sick provider, jury duty, or any other emergency needed, please bring a copy of your child's shot record with you. "NOT SICK CHILD CARE" $50.00 per day


2015 Holiday Closure

**NO TUITION When I take Vacation **

 Please respect that when my child care home is closed for vacation, I am taking this time to rest and to be with my family or just to catch up on home duties. I take my job very seriously and consider this to be a legitimate long term career. In order to accomplish this, I need this time out to maintain the energy level it takes to give your child the quality care he/she deserves.

 I do reserve the right to close for any reason in which I cannot operate in a safe manner. i.e. loss of electricity, water, heat or in extreme circumstances loss of air conditioning, and medical epidemics. Child care fees are paid for any of these occurrences.